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What would you like?

  1. Help with your choir?

  2. Help with your singers and instrumentalists?

  3. Help bringing song to your wider community?

  4. Help with all of the above ☺ ?

Geraldine delivers these sessions with her husband Carey who is a

multi-instrumentalist, pianist, percussionist and producer bringing an accessible, skilled and fun dynamic to these sessions. 

Then why not get in touch and book Geraldine?

Geraldine embraces a wonderful God given gift for tapping into the very soul behind music and song. 

Whether it’s in her solo work and albums, or her worship and choir leading, I have never failed to be moved by the grace and emotion she is able to bring out through words, music and voice. 


We have loved having Geraldine's involvement across many years at Spring Harvest. She has led worship in our main arenas and alternative celebrations, as well as performing in our afterhours programme and moulding groups of complete strangers into wonderful scratch choirs in a matter of hours. Somehow, she is able to bring together a room of diverse and unmusical people, transforming them into a harmonised whole – a wonderful skill and great blessing to the Church. 


Luke Aylen - Creative Co-ordinator for Spring Harvest